whimsical Christmas

Wild and Whimsical Christmas

Let’s set the stage for a Whimsical Christmas. Injecting Whimsy into your Christmas celebration can be as simple as adding a few wild and crazy elements to your traditional Christmas decor. To achieve a whimsical Christmas, you don’t have to start over and rebuild from the ground up. You can just add unusual and unexpected touches throughout!

In some of my previous posts, I have offered some great ideas for whimsical Christmas decor. You can see a few of them here. In this post, I would like to give you some awesome ideas so that you can add a little whimsy to what you already have!

A Little Inspiration to Get You Started

Sometimes all you need to get going is a picture, a color swatch, or …your imagination!

Whether it be totally over the top or just a little flight of fancy, a whimsical flourish is a fun and inviting addition to your holiday decor!

Whimsical Christmas – Elf Inspired

Elves are everywhere during the Christmas season so why not allow them to invade your Christmas tree as well? There are so many fun ways to shove elves into every nook and cranny!

Wild and Whimsical Christmas 5
Wild and Whimsical Christmas 6
Wild and Whimsical Christmas 8

So many fun options are just waiting to be stuffed into your Christmas tree! And that is what the whimsical style is all about–a twist to the traditional. It doesn’t have to be as full or ‘over-the-top’ as the trees above to be whimsical. Just a touch here and there will do the trick!

Check out these options, from ornaments to toppers to …body parts!

Whimsical Christmas – Santa Inspired

Why not invite Santa to join you for the entire Christmas Season?

You can send a nod to the big guy at the North Pole with these fantastic Santa-inspired Whimsical Christmas trees. And, below you will find a few options to get you started.

Whimsical Christmas – Candy Inspired

Seriously drool-worthy! Fun, festive, and …might not help with a diet! …but, calories don’t count during the Christmas season though, right?

Wild and Whimsical Christmas 25

Who doesn’t love Christmas Candy? Now, think about how awesome it would be to spend the holiday season surrounded by yummy treats! Check out the delicious ideas below to bake up a delectably whimsical Christmas theme.

Whimsical Christmas – Centerpieces

There are so many spots to dress up in the Christmas season and certainly many of them are flat. …as in desperately deserving decor! These wonderful centerpieces will top off all of your flat spaces!

Wild and Whimsical Christmas 36
Candy Inspired Centerpiece
Wild and Whimsical Christmas 37
Santa Boot Centerpiece

Additional Whimsical Touches

There are so many different shots of whimsy that you can throw in here and there around your home. Below, I’ve added a variety of items that would be terrific options, or at least ideas to get you going!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild and Just Go Crazy for Christmas!

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