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Here at A Life on the Farm, we share with our friends the more personal side of the simple life that we love so much. We share our struggles and victories in all areas of life plus we add a lot of tips, tricks and how-to’s along the way! We invite you to join us as we go through life, one simple day at a time.

What You Can Find

A Life on the Farm has cooking tips, tricks and how-to’s in our Farm Kitchen section. We talk about the ups, downs and in-betweens of life in our Farm Style Parenting and Relationships sections. We talk about our adventures in Homeschooling and we also offer some great information and how-to’s in our Homestead How-to’s, Gardening and Farming sections. We also try to add inspiration in our When God Speaks section.

Simplify Your Life

If you are looking for a little assistance with organizing your life, please check out our Essential Printable Products. A Life on the Farm has several terrific printable planners and more to help you organize your life. …and there are many more on the way!

We would love to have more friends join in the discussion and add their own experiences. We all have our own areas of expertise and I truly believe that we can all learn from each other. So please join in!


Be sure to check outTwo Oaks FarmtalkandTwo Oaks Farmstead for more down-home info! And you don’t want to missTwo Oaks Farmstead YouTube Channelwhere everything collides! While you’re at it, make sure you subscribe to everything so that you always have the latest information and never miss anything!!

And now, we are launching a podcast that you won’t want to miss! Farm Life and Freedom will be off and running soon, but there are prizes to be had in the lead-up!

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