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Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas

If you want to celebrate a Blue Christmas, this is the post for you! I have scoured so many great ideas and am bringing them to you here.

I have talked before about creating a decorating plan by choosing a theme first and then carrying it out through your entire home or decor scheme. So, Blue Christmas is the theme we have chosen, therefore, I am breaking this post down into sections that might help you choose elements that will bring pure Blue Christmas joy to your home.

There are many different directions that blue can take you…so many! I am going to focus on two of them. A royal or navy blue can be very stately while a baby or turquoise blue can be very playful. I am offering options that can hit both ends of the spectrum.

A Blue Christmas Tree

We begin with the centerpiece of Christmas decor – the Christmas Tree! A Blue Christmas Tree can be so incredibly stunning and very much has the potential to offer an elegant appeal. Blue, accented with silver will push this look to that end.


Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 1
Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 2
Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 3

The trees above, flocked and natural, are teeming with varying sizes of beautiful Christmas bulb ornaments in blues, whites, and accented with silver. The silver accents with the blue are so elegant and bring a feeling of a brisk winter wonderland. Visions of snowflakes and icicles come to mind.

You can’t go wrong with Fanciful Christmas Bulbs, Snowflakes, and Icicles! Check out these great deals I found that can help you match this theme perfectly.


Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 10
Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 11

Turquoise or baby blue easily lend themselves to fun, playful themes such as ‘Coastal’ or ‘Frozen’! The elements that you add to your Blue Christmas decor will lead the way to the end goal you have in mind.

Additional elements for your Blue Christmas Tree. Along with beautiful bulbs, you can add other decorating elements like poinsettia and other added floral picks, bows, ribbons, and even blue lights!

A Welcoming Wreath for a Beautiful Blue Christmas

A beautiful and welcoming wreath on your entry door absolutely sets the tone for your holiday festivities. So, choose the welcome that sends the message you want to send. Below are some terrific options. Are you going for chic, dignified, luxurious, artistic, casual, fun, or outrageous? Whatever the setting that you want to set, begin here, with a wreath that jump-starts that feeling!

Welcoming Options

There are a variety of welcome options for your front door. Below are a few options that I found. Some are wreaths with different aesthetics, and some go a little different direction but still offer a welcome.

Christmas Mantles in Blue

There are so many areas around a home that you can decorate, (just ask my husband, if it stands still, I slap some decoration on it!) Other than the Christmas tree, the second most decorated spot in the home is the mantel.

A beautifully decorated mantel is such a nostalgic joy. It can bring out the child in just about anyone. From garlands to bulbs to stockings and ribbons, the sky is the limit when designing your mantel.

Ideas and Options for your Blue Christmas Mantel

And the Stockings Were Hung…

One of the decorating elements that can not be left out is the choice of stockings. I mean, what would Santa do if he didn’t have a place for his stuffers? There are so many wonderful options out there to complement your decorating scheme. All you have to do is pick one, hang and wait!

Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 36
Celebrate a Beautiful Blue Christmas 37

There are so many great stocking ideas, these are a few really terrific ones that I found.

All the Details

Throughout the rest of your home, you can go little or you can go big. A few throw pillows, covered in your Christmas theme will spread that merry mood or you can go as far as to cover every flat surface with holiday adornment. Here are a few ideas and options to get you going.

Wrap it all up with a Beautiful Blue Christmas Bow!

Whichever direction you decide to go, I am certain that you can, make all of your Blue Christmas dreams come true!

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