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16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating

Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating is possible

Believe it or not, the Christmas season is not far off and it’s about time to start thinking about finding budget-friendly ways to meet your Christmas decorating goals.

This is absolutely something that you can do; it is achievable! You just need to follow a few steps and put more of your mind and less of your bank account into it.

Step 1 – Start Early

16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating 1
Take Time for Christmas Decorating

Time is your friend when you are trying to keep to a budget. It gives you the time to create a plan. And, creating a plan is one of your best tools for not breaking the bank.

Your plan should first and foremost list your budget, and what you can feasibly spend for Christmas Decorating- even if it is nothing. Christmas decorating can still be great with a zero budget.

Starting early also allows you the ability to shop clearance sales, thrift shops, and yard sales for awesome deals on items that you can work with.

Step 2 – Gather What You Have to Start With

One of the tricks to staying on a budget is to use what you have. That doesn’t mean that you have to go with the same old thing for your Christmas decorating. But, it does give you a free base from which to start. There are definitely ways to use what you have and change things up. Maybe you just add a few items to the mix, or paint a few things, or add some different ribbons.

Step 3 – Come up with a Christmas Decorating Theme

16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating 2

Using a theme is a critical step in the decorating process, especially when you are looking to save money. It may mean that you only have to purchase one element that can be spread across all of the areas that you intend to decorate.

As an example, If your theme is red Christmas bows, you could buy two or three spools of red ribbon and add bows to everything. Your Christmas gifts could be tied with a red bow, red bows on your Christmas tree, red bows on your kitchen cabinets, and on your dining table, the sky is the limit!

So, once you have gathered all of your current supplies, come up with that new theme and determine what you can use or what you might need to do to make them usable.

Step 4 – Determine What you will Need and Start Looking

Make a list that conforms to your theme, your budget, and your needs then start your shopping! There are a few great places to start looking. Yard sales are one of my faves! I have found some of the best items this way.

There are also thrift shops, dollar stores, clearance sales at larger chain stores, etc. Get creative in your shopping so that you can save money.

Another option to think about is other people. Maybe you have friends and family that are also wanting a change in their Christmas decorating this year and you can simply do a trade.

Pulling it all Together

This is the fun part if you ask me! I love actually crafting and building the items that I decorate my home with. To help out with some great ideas, have a look at some of the following options for your Christmas Decorating!

16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating 3

Ideas for the Crafty

If you have a knack for building and crafting, these ideas may be perfect for you!

Wooden Vase Holder

A little bit of wood, some vases (or wine bottles), battery-operated lights, and some evergreen… and voila-beautiful decor!

Spread the Joy with a Joy Sign

If you have an old window and some vinyl letters (or paint and stencil), then you can add a wreath and have a terrific holiday element in a flash!

Rustic Advent Calendar

An advent calendar is a great way to count down the days to Christmas and this beautiful piece makes it even better! You could add ribbons of your choice to spice it up.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

If the coastal theme is your thing, then this driftwood Christmas tree will hit the mark! However, in any area of the country, you can pick up and use just about any wood available.

16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating 3

Crafting with Kids for Holiday Decor

This is what I call a twofer. A terrific way to spend some quality time with your kiddos and you end up Christmas decorating fodder too!

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Bring back the nostalgia and add a wonderful fragrance to your home at the same time with these Cinnamon ornaments.

Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments – Finally a good use for those paper straws!

Some paper straws, beads, needles, and string are all that you need to put together these ‘too-cute’ ornaments. Turn up the Christmas music and have some fun!

Decoupage an Ornament

Who doesn’t love to decoupage? A little glue and water, some foam balls (or old ornaments), old pages, and some ribbon make Christmas decorating with these ornaments beautiful and fun!

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Inexpensive Decor Elements that Add a Punch

The following are a variety of special touches that can really enhance your Christmas decorating.

Feather Boas Combined with Lights

Add some flair and fancy with some feather boas! Just combine them with your twinkle lights to add a posh touch to your Christmas decorating!

Hang Ornaments from an Evergreen Branch

Bring nature in – and hang some Christmas on it!

Place Candle Arrangements on Mirrors

Double the beauty with mirrors!

Mason Jar Decor

Everyone has jars, or they are at least easy to get your hands on. So throw some Christmas accents on them and add a candle. Easy, inexpensive, and beautiful!

Frame up Something Festive

Something else you could do is simply frame up something festive; Christmas printables, Christmas cards, or Christmas-themed scrapbook paper even. Spreading some of these around your home is a terrific way to add a holiday flair without breaking the budget.

16 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Gorgeous Christmas Decorating 16
Festive Framed Decor


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