Yard sale Barn sale country

Hosting an Amazing Country Yard Sale-9 Tips to Make it Great

Yard sale Barn sale country

Time for a Country Yard Sale!

This past weekend my crew and I pulled off a yard sale; something I’ve done regularly for about my entire life. I grew up doing yard sales with my grandmother, and let me tell ya… I learned from the best!

She knew exactly how to fold, place and sell everything that was there. I took that knowledge and applied it to my current life and I will certainly share that information with you!

Every community is different, but there are a few tips that  certainly hold true everywhere.

9 Tips to Make it Great

1 – Choose the right date!

Deciding when to host your sale is a big deal. You want to catch people when they have money in their pockets, typically the weekend after the first of the month or even the mid-month paycheck.

2 – Get it out there!

Advertising is key. Putting a listing in a local classified paper is a great way to do it, but these days just about every community has a Facebook page (or 10) that serve as Garage Sale advertising. This is a great way to get the word out and you can even add pictures!

3 – Be a merchandiser!

You really have to set up those great pieces so that they sell. They have to be seen in a way that will bring attention to them. Put your large pieces out front so that they can be eye-catchers.

Country Yard Sale4 – Have enough tables set up to separate and organize.

There’s nothing that makes me leave a yard sale more quickly than seeing tables piled up with unfolded or  unseparated clothes. There could be something really great there, but I’m not filtering through it!

I always have separate tables for boy’s, girl’s, women’s and men’s and I even go further than that and separate them by size. It is much more inviting to look through clothes if you know they are your size.

5 – Price your stuff!

No one wants to ask how much everything is. I might possibly ask for a price on a large item, but there is no way I am asking the price of everything!

6 – Use Posters!

Signs with advertising/merchandising information will help you. For instance… “All small toys .25 cents” or even “buy 3 pair of pants, get a shirt for free”. Just think of what you might say…and write it down!

7 – Be friendly and sell your stuff.

I remember watching my grandmother, in complete astonishment, as she would ask people their size and start gathering things up in that size, bring it to them and tell them how much they needed those things!

I thought she was crazy back then, but she generally sold it all! The moral of this story is you know your stuff, so you are the best person to tell someone how great it is! Sell Sell Sell!

8 – Point the way!

Your ad should give your address, but if you are in the country, you more than likely you are gonna need to lead the way from a main road. Good signage is a must. …and write REALLY BIG! This is important because from the car, most signs are simply unreadable.

9 – You can even get the kiddos involved and have a lemonade stand!

This is a great experience for the kids and who doesn’t want an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?

Being lucky enough to live your life out in the country is no reason not to have a yard sale. It may be a little longer drive to get there, but if you do it right, it will be worth it for everyone! SO, clean out your house and find all those treasures that the rest of us treasure hunters are lookin’ for!

God Bless! See ya next time!

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