Organization; A Dream or a Nightmare

Do you ever feel like you are losing a one man race? That’s where I am most days recently. Admittedly, organization is not my strong suit, but I’m a fairly intelligent person…you’d think that I would be able to get that under control at some point, right?

The Problem; Lacking Organization Skills

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Too much stuff to do!

Envy is a bad thing, right? But, man I sure do envy those naturally organized people! My dad was one. He literally had his entire life organized! And it didn’t even seem to be an issue for him. He always knew where everything was, he knew what he was going to be doing from day to day and moment to moment….he had a plan! I lack those skills! Of course, I try to make up for them…Pinterest has some great ideas. However, it seems that I end up spending more time trying to ‘organize’ my life than I do completing the necessary tasks. Then I just end up more behind than ever! (And, surely, I’m not alone!)

In my defense, I do have a lot happening at all times; five kids-two of which I am still homeschooling-and adult kids who still need mom too, a couple of businesses, a garden, a farm and all that a farm entails, a house to take care of and a family that thinks they need to eat every day…. It never ends! I am aware that most people have a lot of things going on in their lives, but how on earth are they doing it without losing their minds?????

I’ve tried printable organization folders to keep my paperwork and all of that stuff confined to one area at least and building more storage for organization purposes. I’ve even tried making lists for EVERYTHING (I’m a total list-maker). What typically happens is that I lose the various lists, or I scribble on them so much in my haste that I get totally off track. What is a woman/mom/teacher/wife/blogger/gardener/farmer/chef/housekeeper to do?

My husband likes to joke that I always have a million trains of thought going at one time. He is absolutely correct. But most of the time, it feels like I’ve had multiple derailments and there’s just one big train wreck going on up there.

Knocking it out a little at a time

I think I’m learning a little however…not to control the chaos yet, but to maybe ignore some of it for a while. So far, this is my best guess for how to keep a certain amount of my sanity…assuming I have any left at this point. Priorities. I guess that’s what it comes down to. I have to momentarily drop a few things that aren’t quite as important as a few other things. Like, ok…the kids HAVE to eat, so that is one that has to stay high on the list. But maybe I can just choose a day a week for such chores as laundry or paperwork. I honestly don’t have any clue if this will help to fix the problem…but I sure like the idea that I might be on to something.

I’d love to hear from any of you who have mastered this (or are working on mastering) this issue. Help me! I’m willing to learn! What do you do to stay on top of your life? Is there a plan in place? Is there a secret that I’m missing?

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