The Glorious Burden of Motherhood: Embracing the Joy and Challenges of Raising Children

Motherhood; A Glorious Burden

Motherhood is a journey of self-discovery and growth. It is a glorious burden that brings with it immense joy, but also great responsibility. It requires strength, courage, and resilience to take on the challenge of raising children and helping them grow into well-rounded individuals. Becoming a mother is not only an incredible privilege but also an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

When I was young, I wanted to do ‘everything’. I saw myself doing so many different things throughout my life. I had all of these big ideas and big dreams and I even made a lot of them happen. I never had the daydream of becoming a mother and raising children. Even as a child, I played more with my brother’s trucks than I did with the dolls my family got for me. It just wasn’t in my field of view.

Fast forward a few years; I gave birth to my first child at 21 years of age. It was the moment that I first held my eldest son, to my absolute shock, that I knew my calling. My whole life and focus changed immediately. Motherhood became the reason that I woke up in the morning… assuming I ever went to sleep.

The Inherent Challenges that Come With Becoming a Parent


Parenthood is a beautiful yet daunting experience. It comes with a range of challenges and struggles that can be overwhelming for new parents. From figuring out how to juggle work and family life, to learning how to raise a child, the journey of parenthood can be filled with uncertainty and stress. Although there are many unknowns on this path, it is possible to prepare for the inherent challenges of parenthood.

In the early years, there are sleepless nights that add to the woes of an already beleaguered mother. But you also have to figure in all of the stress of feeding, diapering, cleaning, and keeping safe of your bundle of joy. The doctor’s visits, snotty noses, skinned knees, screaming tantrums, and so on.

When you are a mom, that comes first. You are the go-to for everything your child needs, wants, or screams about. There are other things that fall by the wayside, along with a good night’s sleep, like your social life, clean clothes, and well-balanced meals. A pot of coffee and whatever was left on someone’s plate became my culinary habit for many years.

There are times when it feels like these days will just continue until someone drags you off to the looney bin, but then, there are those moments that change everything. Those precious moments that melt your heart and make it all worthwhile.

The sloppy kisses, the hugs that come of out the blue, the “I love you, Mommy” that stops you in your tracks and brings happy tears to your eyes; your reward for doing such a tough job.

The Power of Love in Making a Difference in Our Kids’ Lives


The power of love has the potential to make a lasting difference in our children’s lives. Parental love is one of the most important elements in a child’s growth and development, providing them with the emotional support they need to thrive and become confident, independent individuals.

The power of love is something that can never be underestimated. From the importance of a mother’s love for her child to the impact of unconditional parental love on their future success, it is clear that parental love has an immense influence on our kids’ lives.

Scientifically and statistically proven, love makes a major difference in every life, but especially in a child’s life. Children who grow up knowing the unconditional love of a mother, become more well-rounded and well-adjusted adults.

A mother’s love is truly essential is development and growth. That unconditional love is what offers a child safe harbor in a world that can be mean and nasty. It gives solace in difficult times, warmth when the world is cold.

Learning to Embrace the Unexpected Joys of Parenting


Parenting is a journey full of unexpected joys. From the moment your child is born, there are countless moments of joy and fulfillment that come with the job, though sometimes, they are not easy to spot. Many times, the joy is found only after hardship.

The trip to the emergency room for a broken arm after doing something they were told not to do. The heartbreak that ensues after that first break-up. Those moments that break a child’s heart, also break a mom’s heart. However, the joy is found in that closeness and bond that is created and made stronger when mom sees them through the pain.

Finding Strength & Resilience Through Motherhood Struggles


Motherhood is both tough and rewarding. It can be difficult to find the strength and resilience to overcome all of the challenges that come with parenting. But with determination, patience, and a positive attitude, it is possible to find strength and resilience through the struggles of motherhood.

Admittedly, sometimes the struggles are so hard and the wounds so deep that you feel like you would like to tag someone else in to take over. But, it is through the endeavor of pushing through the hard times that builds up strength as well as experience… for the next go-round.

For myself, the strength and resilience came from the knowledge that my children needed me; they needed my strength and they needed me to be there for them, without question. Even when I’m weary and my heart is hurting for them, I push that down in favor of the strength that my children need from me.

The Overwhelming Benefit of the Struggles of Motherhood


While it is true that, with motherhood, there are very difficult struggles, sometimes seemingly insurmountable, it is also true that the benefits of going through those struggles are worth the pain.

My heart hurts (and my stomach turns sometimes) when my child is physically injured. But I get to kiss the ‘boo-boo’ or hold their hand through it.

I feel my children’s heartaches physically but I can see the love and appreciation in their eyes when I sit through it with them.

I may have to clean up the finger-painting from the wall and/or furniture, but I got to see the unfettered joy in my child’s eyes at the masterpiece.

I may have to listen to the same unfunny jokes over and over, but I also get to see those precious smiles and hear their gleeful laughs when they finally get to the punchline.

I have to be the bad guy when I am the heavy hand that calls them out and dispenses punishment but I am also the person they know they can come to for absolute honesty.

They trust me. They trust my love for them. And there is no other more important benefit to Motherhood.

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