bob ross art challenge

Mother Son Art Fun; Bob Ross Art Challenge

Bob Ross Art Challenge

Recently, my youngest asked me to do a Bob Ross Art Challenge with him. It honestly surprised me because he has never been very big on art…. at all! But I pulled the supplies together and we got after it. We truly had a lot of fun doing this project.

I grew up watching Bob Ross painting on television and it always thrilled me. As an artist myself, it was right up my alley, I was just super surprised that Mason was interested.

I looked through some of the videos (there are so many!!!) and found one that I felt like would be simple and fun for my beginning artist son. This particular video really was quite simple and easy to do.

More than just a Painting

While we definitely had a great time, and we ended up with neat paintings to hang, the best part of the whole Bob Ross Art Challenge project was the one on one time that Mason and I got to spend together just doing something fun. Sometimes, I forget that we need to pull back from the day to day and just do something fun together.

Not only am I mom, but I am also teacher and, well, so many other things. I can get really wrapped up in what ‘has to be done’ and lose sight of what is really important. The most important to me is my family. Sometimes they just really need mom to slow down and hang out for a while. We always benefit from that special time spent together when I do put the brakes on this busy life.

Going Forward

We are looking forward to doing another Bob Ross art challenge in the near future and I believe we are even making plans for the whole family to do one….now THAT should be fun! I have also been trying to be more mindful of those little moments that can be so special and meaningful if we just take a little time out to just ‘be together’. It means a great deal to all of us and it strengthens the bonds that we have already built.

I urge you to take the time that you have to spend with those that you love, just being with them, focusing on them. It doesn’t matter what activity that you choose, if any. Just be together.


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bob ross art challenge

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