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I’m Disgusted with Walmart, and Now I’m Saving Money!

I’m done with Walmart! I’ve said it a million times in the past few weeks, mostly on principle, but now I’ve got more reasons–saving money! I’ll explain.

In My Family, Principles Matter

Anyone who knows me, knows that I carry my weapon EVERYWHERE I GO!!! No exceptions. I am a HUGE believer in the Second Amendment. I am a very well trained retired Military Police Officer and I am a licensed carrier.

Recently, Walmart decided to cave to outspoken liberal interest groups and “ask” their customers to no longer open carry in their stores even in states where it is completely legal and even normalized. (You can check that out here) Now, I believe that businesses in America have the right to make their own decisions, but by the same token, I believe that citizens have the same right in deciding what businesses to support.

I Have My Reasons

As a somewhat small female, there are not a lot of places for me to comfortably conceal a weapon, but that is not the only reason that I carry open.

  • For one, as I mentioned, I am very well-trained in using my weapon from an open carry position and I feel very comfortable with that.
  • Two, I can get to my weapon very quickly at a moment when seconds count the most.
  • Three, some say that open carry makes me a more likely target, but I fully believe that it is also a deterrent and statistics show that I am correct–how many shootings have you heard of at NRA meetings, Ducks Unlimited Banquets, Southern Rodeos?
  • Four, it is my right, period.

So, my husband and I made the decision to be done with Walmart on principle, but in doing so, I found another reason that is equally as good. I am saving lots of my family’s hard-earned money! So…now I’ll explain this point.

How We Are Saving Money

saving money
Home Cooking Beats High Priced Convenience Foods

With a big family, the farm kitchen is honestly my best place to work out savings and to do that I have to shop the best places and make more from scratch (which is way better anyway!)

Don’t Be Fooled…

Shopping at Walmart is one of those things that tends to lull people into believing that they are saving money. I know, because they did it to me. Walmart has basically cornered the market on everything. Over the years, they have put many local businesses out of business because they continue to add more products (typically crap from China) that competes with everyone in the area.

  • For example, you can get flowers from Walmart instead of a local Florist, but they are not artistically arranged and they are poor quality and will die quickly. You can get a pre-frozen birthday cake from Walmart instead of a local bakery, but it will be dry and mostly tasteless.

Another thing about shopping at Walmart is that since they have so much, even when they are more expensive in some areas, people figure they are saving by just going to one store for everything. However, this is another way that Walmart is working towards lulling us into assuming they are the best option. They make us lazy….and that is something that our society needs to snap out of!!!

Saving money
Shopping local, especially with sales ads is best!

How I Started Saving Money Again

When I was forced to snap out of that state, I found multiple very important facts.

Convenience is Relative

  • First of all, it doesn’t take any longer to go to a couple different local businesses instead of just going to Walmart. I mean, it’s Walmart; there are probably 1000 people there and they only have 2-3 check stands in operation.

Sales Ads are Important

  • Second, if you pay attention to sales ads, be it in the local paper or through their websites, you can adjust your shopping list to the current sales. When you make yourself do this, you will immediately start saving money. One of the easiest ways to blow your paycheck is going to Walmart without a list!

Home Cooking is the Best

  • Third, one of the biggest improvements in, not only our grocery bill but also in our meal enjoyment, has been going back to making more things from scratch. I used to whip dang near everything up from scratch, but then I allowed myself to get a little lazy in this area. I would see a package of biscuits and think “yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s quick”. Since giving up Walmart I went back to making up my freezer biscuits. They are wonderful and my family loves them. I can whip up a double batch in about 7 minutes and we can choose how many we want when we cook them…no waste! (That’s just one small example…I will be adding a bunch of these types of recipes to my blog very soon. So, be sure to check those out.)

Shop Local for Customer Service and Saving Money

I want to stress that I am absolutely a capitalist. I love business and I feel very strongly that small business is the backbone of this country’s economic situation. In fact, I feel a certain sense of pride and a stronger enjoyment when I shop at small businesses instead of these huge conglomerates that are so often pushing the ‘mom & pop’ stores to the wayside. You cannot get the same level of knowledge, expertise and customer service at Walmart that you can at a small, locally owned business.

I won’t attempt to tell anyone else how to operate, but as for me…I have better places to spend my money than Walmart!

Please feel free to add your thoughts!