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Productive Homesteading Skills; Passing it Down

Our family is really big on teaching our children all of the homesteading skills that we possibly can and daily life gives us these opportunities on a regular basis.

Homesteading Skills – Learning How We Butcher and Process

We are a hunting family; that is how we provide a very large chunk of our family’s food. Our sons, Logan and Mason, have been hunting for years and they are always nearby when we are carrying out the butchering and processing of each of the animals that we harvest. This year however, we let them be more hands on in the process. I’ve always felt that a hands on approach is the best way to really learn.

When the boys shot their bucks this season, they did a lot of the skinning and cleaning, while Dad explained what to do. Our kids plan to continue this lifestyle that we all love so much and this kind of knowledge, these homesteading skills, will help them to make that future a possibility.

Homesteading Skills – Not Just How we Hunt, But Why We Hunt

Hunting itself is also one of those homesteading skills that we teach and pass down to them. We teach them all aspects of hunting. In that, of course, they learn methods for hunting various animals but they also learn why we hunt and that is just as important.

It’s not just a fun thing to do, hunting is a part of our lifestyle. It is how we provide for our families and it is also the part we play in the conservation of our resources. As hunters, we help keep the wildlife numbers in check, we take care of the environment and habitat for these animals and we don’t waste anything.

In our neck of the woods, whitetail deer hunting is a big deal, but hunting wild hogs is imperative. These hogs have gotten completely out of control over the years and they cause so much damage to the land. Therefore, hog hunting is also something that we do. This season, as a family, we took 5 hogs, along with 5 deer.

Making Memories and Having Fun

On one particular night that Kris and Logan went hog hunting, while I was at home still processing deer, I asked them to send me some funny pics if they got lucky…. and they did not disappoint! They sent me some really great ones! (and they made some really great memories!) I especially like the ones with my son choking his hog out as well as my husband spooning with his hog!

For the Future

As a parent, you want to know that you have done all that you can to help your children become happy, healthy adults who know how to take care of themselves and their families. This is something for which I strive on a daily basis. We teach homesteading skills as a part of daily living, we teach practical life skills as a part of our homeschooling and we teach the power of God’s love as a way of life. I have the utmost confidence in my children and in their abilities to survive and thrive and I have a strong and steady faith that God is in control of everything.


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