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Father Son Bonding – Success

Father Son bonding is one of my favorite things! Now, obviously, I’m not a father, but as a wife and mother, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see my husband and sons spending time together and growing closer.

The opportunity in question

Logan, my 13 year old, has had a little mustache going for about a year now and he finally decided it was time to start shaving it off. Now, he could have come to me-I’m always here. I could have given him the basics …on leg shaving, at least. Or, he could have even just grabbed the razor and gone to town with it.

But, he went to dad.

He wanted that moment.

Hidden meaning in this moment

I will admit, obviously, by the sound on the video, half the family was in there enjoying this moment. But, not in the same way that father and son enjoyed it.

While dad was teaching, son was learning.

While dad was imparting wisdom, son was benefitting from wisdom.

Father Son Bonding with Wisdom

That wisdom, however, was not how to hold a razor or shave a face.

The wisdom that was imparted in that moment, was that of how to raise a son with love.

It was how to give your time and effort to demonstrate how much you care; how important that relationship is.

Life long lessons in Father Son Bonding

Father son bonding is one of the most important elements in a child’s life, especially in a son’s life. It is something that guides a young man in the path of his life. There are so many wonderful relationships in a child’s life that should be nurtured; relationships that will mold the person that he will become. But the father son relationship will follow that young man for the rest of his life.

We all had a bunch of fun in this moment, watching them both shave, even poking a little fun. But, the real moment here, the one that created a lasting memory and imparted a life long lesson, was the time that was set aside. Time that added to that beautiful bond.

I would love to hear about your experiences with father son bonding. What does or did your family do? Outcomes? Lessons learned?

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father son bonding
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