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Becoming Self Sufficient – Powerful Steps You Can Take

Becoming Self-Sufficient; Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Your Family’s Survival in an Uncertain Time

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Becoming Self Sufficient

So many people across the world are looking more seriously toward the very real possibility of, and need for, self-sufficiency, especially in difficult economic times. However, for many, it is a dream they feel ill-equipped to realize because they are not sure where to begin.

We have your starting point.

‘Becoming Self-Sufficient; Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Your Family’s Survival in an Uncertain Time’

Becoming Self Sufficient – What You Can Expect

Filled with important information, steps to take in order to begin your adventure, skills that you will need, and legitimate ways to flourish, this book is not merely informational, it is also a personal workbook to assist you in determining what you need.

‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’ is set up in such a way that will help you pinpoint where you are, determine where you are headed, define the appropriate tools and skills that you will need and assist you in setting your goals and creating your plan.

If you long for a more self-sufficient life for your family, then ‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’ is the map that you need for this journey into your future.

Becoming Self Sufficient – Budgeting and Goal Setting

Becoming self sufficient
Budgeting and Goal-Setting

In the first section of ‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’, we help you determine where you are and where you’re going. We discuss budgeting, what you need and what you don’t as well as what your goals are. We put this book together in such a way as to assist you in creating a budget and setting the goals for your future.

You can’t meet a goal if you don’t set one.

Becoming Self Sufficient – The Necessities of Life

Becoming self sufficient
The Necessities of Life

In the second section, we discuss the necessities of life. Food Production is first up with so many aspects of Gardening and Livestock production. We also discuss two other necessities of life; water sourcing as well as shelter. Great information for everyone looking to create a self sufficient lifestyle.

Becoming Self Sufficient – Homestead Structures

Becoming self sufficient
Homestead Structures

Homestead Structures are more important than people give them credit for; they do a great deal of work for the homesteader. We go through a litany of various workhorses of the homestead as well as many different options for your family.

Becoming Self Sufficient – The Skills You Need for the Life You Want

Becoming self sufficient
The Skills You Need for the Life You Want

The final sections of the book cover three important items;

  • a very large array of skills that you should know – not to say that you have to master each of these skills, but they will all come in very useful for you. If nothing else, this list gives you a very good starting point for research.
  • a huge list of potential income sources from the homestead – part of the worry of becoming self-sufficient is always income. There are so many ways to earn an income from the homestead, in the process of creating a self sufficient lifestyle for your family. This list is fairly comprehensive, although there are probably more than are even listed.
  • resources for more great information – lifelong learning is a beneficial skill and great sources of information are always welcome. We’ve listed some of our favorites.

If you have ever thought about, considered, longed for the self sufficient life for your family, then this is a great place to start. ‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’ is the road map that you need to set you on the right path for this journey.

Don’t hesitate! Get your copy now!

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becoming self-sufficient

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