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Quick and Delicious; Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

One of the desserts that always makes a holiday appearance in our family celebrations is the Cherry Cream Cheese Pie. Another recipe that is super easy! Literally just 3 ingredients make up the pie filling; cream cheese, lemon juice and condensed milk. Mix that up, pour it into a graham cracker crust and top it with cherry pie filling. Seriously…That’s literally all!!!

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe, Passed Down Through the Generations

I, honestly, cannot remember not having this pie at a family holiday celebration. It’s always been there….and it is always expected. I have no idea where my grandmother learned it, but she passed it all down to the rest of the women in the family. I’m not even sure that it is written down anywhere. It’s just always been shared verbally.

When you look at the recipe, you will understand why it is such an easy dessert to put together. Sure, you could be like my grandmother and make your own graham cracker crust, but who has time for that anymore? HAHAHA!!! Not me! Store bought graham cracker crust it is…. There is 1 tip that I will give you for this dessert, however. It is essential that the cream cheese sit out until it is room temp. Otherwise, you will have little lumps in it. It won’t change the flavor, but it will still have lumps.

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

Recipe by Amy BellCourse: DessertDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking timeminutes


  • 1 – 8 oz package of cream cheese, room temp

  • 1/3 c lemon juice

  • 1 can condensed milk

  • graham cracker pie crust

  • cherry pie filling


  • Put your cream cheese, lemon juice and condensed milk into a mixer and mix until smooth
  • Pour into your graham cracker crust
  • Chill
  • Top with cherry pie filling


  • Cream Cheese must be at room temp!


You can see the video of this recipe being put together, along with the rest of the Christmas Dinner right here! Deep Fried Turkey, Southern Cornbread Dressing, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Chocolate Eclair Pie… So Much Goodness!!! You could also see everything at our Two Oaks Farmstead Youtube Channel, but don’t forget to subscribe so that you never miss a thing!

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